Track Removal

Track Removal
Rail Ryder Track Removal Services provides experienced reliable service, nationwide, our team members have expert knowledge in the railroad track removal industry Do you have retired railroad track left behind on your property. Our rail track team specializes in dismantling railroad track and wooden railroad tie related services.

Railroad track material

Railroad track material
Railroad track material products is what we specialize in. Our rail track experts inspects all railroad material to bring you top quality railroad track material new and used. The railroad material that we harvest off the railroad bed has carefully been inspected by are top engineers bringing quality railroad track material for resale nationwide.

Wholesale ties

Wholesale ties
Premium: four solid sides with moderate imperfections
Retaining walls: Two to three on average solid sides with some plate cutting and end splitting
Landscape:Fair quality tie for landscape use with some rot plate cutting and end splitting
Shipping nationwide.
Sixteen Per Bundle

Professional Leader in Used Railroad Track Material

We specialize in railroad track related services and material. We have the experience and expertise that you need for all railroad related projects. At Rail Ryder our railroad track material is top A-1 quality of relay track material. We inspect all rail materials to insure the high standards that are expected throughout all our railroad related services. Using our hands-on approach these services include: harvesting the rail track off of rail bed to insure no bending or torching of rail material, dismantling railroad track permanently or temporarily during railroad updates and jointed rail removal, including the separation of other track material known as (OTM) for shipping, our company is ready to assist you with all railroad related track services and materials.

We provide comprehensive services to the railroad industry our experienced team can provide the most cost-effective service. At Rail Ryder Services we have a track record of reliability, satisfying our clients, for long term relationships with Class 1, Short line railroads and non related railroad customers that require the need for quality used rail track material.

We offer comp bars which allows you to enhance from smaller track size to a larger size rail track weight and at the same time gives you the flexibility to work with the main line railroad that services you as a customer. This will further places you in a much better position, compliance with the FRA. Federal Railroad Administration who regulates the railroad industry.

Our company offers emergency weekend and/or Holiday material services available to assist maintenance-of-way managers with keeping your main line open for small, large, hard to locate emergency material parts and expedite Deliveries Nation Wide Emergency services available 24/7 Call Toll Free 855-818-5831

The emergency assist solutions offered are geared for companies, short lines, running on older tracks that may need switch rods, other switch products etc; broken joint bar, or a comp bar, tie plate 4, 6, and 8 hole punch some SS or DS .
Switch materials | Angle or joint bars fish plates | Bolts, Nuts & Washers | misalliance material